Set an Auto-Reply Text on Your Day Away - 

for Apple Users

  1. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > scroll down to "Do Not Disturb While Driving"

  2. Select Activate > "Manually"

  3. Select Auto-Reply To > "All Contacts"

  4. Customize your auto-response message to whatever you would like in the "Auto-Reply" section. For example, "I have my phone off to rebalance my mind. Will write to you when I go back on :)"

  5. Easily turn this Do Not Disturb feature on/off by adding it to your Control Center... Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > find the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature under More Controls to add it to your Control Center

Now every time you go on a Tech Shabbat, your friends and family will know that you're enjoying your time away from screens and not just ignoring them! 

Add the "Momentum" Chrome Extension to Stay Focused Throughout the Week

  1. Add the Momentum Extension for Chrome HERE

  2. Set up your account

  3. Prioritize your tasks by inputting your "Main Focus" for the day

  4. Every time you open your Chrome browser or a new tab Momentum will remind you of your Main Focus for the day. Add and check off tasks as you please!

Now you can stay more focussed and less distracted when using screens six days of the week as you are constantly reminded of your goals each day!

Pause Incoming Emails with "Boomerang" for Gmail 

  1. Download Boomerang for Gmail HERE

  2. Follow instructions on the following page to set up your Boomerang application

Now in the upper left corner of your Gmail page you will find a "Pause Inbox" button that allows you to fight email overload and stay more productive! When composing an email, you can also schedule it to send at a later time with the red "Send Later" button.