We’re so excited you’ll be trying your first Tech Shabbat. You already know the very simple rules: no screens from sundown(ish) Friday until sundown(ish) Saturday. Instead, fill the day with the things and people you love. Eat great food, go for an adventure walk, read for fun: do whatever you want, even if it’s nothing (Tech Shabbat naps are fantastic). We can’t wait to hear all about it afterward. Then schedule three more weekends of it in your calendar. The key is to build this habit/practice into your life!

Six Tips to Prepare for Your Tech Shabbat:

1. Invite friends and family for a meal.

2. The day before your screen-free day, print our jot down schedules, maps, and any other information you’ll need. You’ll also want a list of your most important phone numbers: family, best friends, doctors, special-occasion takeout, etc. Print out a map if you are going somewhere unfamiliar - although we try to keep the day close to home or nearby in nature if that’s possible.

3. Let key people in your life know you won’t be available by phone. We have people call us on a landline if needed which I highly recommend - it’s inexpensive, great for actual emergencies, great to find a lost cell phone, and great to use on a Tech Shabbat if you really need to call someone you miss or someone needs to get in touch with you. In all the years of doing this, our phone hardly ever rings. 

4. Put on an auto-response on email that you are refreshing your mind for a day and won’t be available.

5. Pull out some books, an instrument, art supplies a blank journal, board games - all analog.

6. Ask people in your life who are doing this with you, what they wish they had more time to do? Everyone has that list. Then fill the day with that. 

It has become our favorite day of the week for myself, my husband Ken and our daughters (16 & 10).


Excited for you to try it. To the Power of Unplugging!