Marshall McLuhan Outstanding Book Award Winner 2020

— Media Ecology Association


"In this wise, wonderful work, filmmaker Shlain eloquently argues the merits of taking a break from technology, particularly smartphones, one day a week…Bolstered with fascinating and germane facts about neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, and the history of the concept of a day of rest, this excellent cross between instruction and memoir deserves a wide audience."  

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review 

"...I gave Shlain's idea a try — and I highly recommend it."

— David Leonhardt, New York Times 


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"In her new book, 24/6, Tiffany Shlain, the founder of the Webby Awards, lays out a plan for surviving our 'always on' culture. Taking a cue from her Jewish heritage, she suggests a 'tech Shabbat': one day a week without screens or devices… [M]y editor asked me to try my own experiment of unplugging for 24 hours…Even for a digital curmudgeon like me, being 'unproductive' felt like a small revolution—and that’s after only one day of it. I can’t wait to discover what a decade of tech Shabbats feels like."  

—  Harvard Business Review, HBR article


"Put down your phone and pick up this book...I read it in one day and found it timely with timeless wisdom. Tiffany Shlain is a modern-day prophet, brilliant, and incredibly funny in equal measure."  

—  ANGELA DUCKWORTH, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grit 

"How taking a break from tech for Shabbat brought new purpose to this Internet pioneer’s life"

— The Washington Post

"[A] bright debut... A useful and much-needed guide to turning the clock back to a less frazzled pre-internet and -smartphone day."  

—  Kirkus Reviews

"Part of a pioneering movement." 


"24/6 is poised to start a movement. Try it, and get your attention span back."  

—  Refinery29

“Undeniably healthy…in our always-on culture…a distracted, perpetually outraged state of being…had weakened many of us, and strengthened Trump, for more than two years.”

— Mashable

"Her active and intimate experience in the world of digital technology informs the argument that she makes so convincingly in the pages of 24/6."

— JONATHAN KIRSCHThe Jewish Journal

"An essential guide...There is nothing else like it; here is a place to turn if you feel there's something missing in our modern world."

— JARON LANIER, computer scientist and bestselling author of You Are Not a Gadget

"Shlain delivers a moving family story, documenting the need for Shabbat in the first place."

 SHERRY TURKLE, MIT professor & bestselling author of Reclaiming Conversation and Alone Together

"Here is the answer to the greatest collective and personal challenge of our time: reclaiming the essential dignity of being human in a digital age."

 DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF, author of Team Human and Present Shock

"A wonderfully refreshing and practical roadmap to both slowing down time and having more of it."

 KRISTA TIPPETT, host of On Being and bestselling author of Becoming Wise

"Well-written and well-reasoned. Shlain offers families excellent ideas for taming digital monsters. I recommend it to all parents who have struggled to set limits on screen time."

 MARY PIPHER, author of Women Rowing North and Reviving Ophelia

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"She convinced me...that a day of disconnection is a path towards reconnection to the rest of our lives."

 VINT CERF, co-creator of the internet