We have resources to help you try a Tech Shabbat in order to bring more #TechLifeBalance into your life.

We suggest some mini challenges leading up to your Tech Shabbat, along with guides to build this practice into your life.


Included here are tips to prepare for your Tech Shabbat. 


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Below are other resources mentioned in 24/6:

Away For The Day 

Based on research showing that elementary and middle schoolers do better with phones away during school hours, this movement is giving parents, teachers, school leaders, and concerned individuals tools so they can go to schools and help institute policies where phones are put away.

Center for Humane Technology

An organization that encourages technology to support  well-being, sense-making, democracy, and ability to tackle complex global challenges.

Center on Media and Child Health at Harvard's Boston Children's Hospital

Through Dr. Michael Rich's research, CMCH investigates the positive and negative health effects of media on children. They aim to build the field of media and child health with studies that identify ways of accurately measuring youth media use, determine how advertising in video games affects children, and evaluate media literacy programs.

Children's Screen Time Action Network

The Children’s Screen Time Action Network is a coalition of practitioners, educators, and advocates working to promote a healthy childhood by reducing the amount of time kids spend with digital devices. Members collaborate through Work Groups, Action Network Live online events, and face-to-face meetings to share best practices and improve the lives of children and families.

Common Sense Media

"Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Every day, millions of parents and educators trust Common Sense reviews and advice to help them navigate the digital world with their kids. Together with policymakers, industry leaders, and global media partners, we're building a digital world that works better for all kids, their families, and their communities."

Digital Wellness Collective

"A curated network of digital wellness experts and organizations enhancing human relationships through the international use and development of technology."

Family Online Safety Institute

"2020 Vision: The Future of Online Safety. The policies, practices and parenting we'll need in 2020 and beyond."

National Day Of Unplugging

"A 24 hour global respite from technology. It highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices to connect with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities in real time."

The Privacy Project: Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet

"The Silicon Valley maverick has a radical vision for how we can all earn money from our data."


"ScreenSense empowers local families to achieve a healthy relationship with technology."

One of Tiffany's favorite parts about ScreenSense's work is their analogy to consider a 16-year car seat-to-driver progression when introducing smartphones to our children— Link to PDF

Wait Until 8th

"We empower parents to say yes to waiting for the smartphone."

Books on screen use for middle schoolers:


Click'd by Tamara Ireland Stone

Slacker by Gordon Korman


Wait Until 8th "The iPhone-Free Gift Guide" 

The New York Times "Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet"

The New York Times "How to Find a Hobby"