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Special Covid-19 Newsletters and Op-Eds from 2020

Feb 24 One Year Later, Where Are We Now?

Feb 3 Flower Buds Are Starting to Form

Jan 19 New Dr. Dispatch, New Administration, New Hope​

Dec 16 Stay Positive, Test Negative
Dec 8 New Dr. Dispatch, Love, Light + Science

Nov 18 / Things to Keep You Going This Winter

Oct 27 Live Premiere of new 2min film Dear Voter

Oct 20 Watch New 1 min Book Trailer & Paperback Release

Oct 7 / New Dr. Dispatch & Voting Info & More

Sept 24th /  Honoring RBG With Films, Love, and Action

Sept 9 /  Surfing Lessons for a Pandemic + Sept. Newsletter

Aug 31 / 3 Things You Can Do for Upcoming Election + Next Slingshot Mtg Sept 13th 4pm PT

August 25, /  Need Your Help, New Dr. Dispatch, New Film
July 24 / Time to Pivot Hard: My Brother's Dr. Shlain's Latest Dispatch​

July 1 / My Brother Dr. Jordan Shlain's Latest Dispatch

June 16 / Looking Up and Looking Forward

June 9 /  Unrest + Change + Invite to Imp. Conversation Friday​

June 2 /  Country Aching, My Brother Dr. Shlain’s Latest Dispatch + Other Updates

May 27 / Zooming for Challah The Jewish Week Food and Wine

May 27 / My Op-Ed in USA Today​

May 23 / Quarantining at home can mean being online all the time. For your own sake, unplug​

May 20 / Emotions are Contagious

May 12 /  Take Nothing for Granted

May 6 /  We're Social Creatures, So What Do We Do? + New Dr. Dispatch
April 29 / An Imagined Video Message From Covid to Humanity + Upcoming Events

April 21 /  Hurry Up and Wait

April 16 /  Crushing the Curve and Other Updates

April 7 /  Jordan’s NYTimes Op-Ed & Zoom on Screens, Health, and Rest During Coronavirus

April 2 / Updates & New Dispatch #6 from My Brother Dr. Jordan Shlain

March 24 / Updates & New Dispatch from My Brother Dr. Jordan Shlain

March 20 / Make a Global Film With Us About What's Happening

March 16 / Update From Front Lines: New Dispatch from my brother Dr. Jordan Shlain

March 12 /  Latest Dispatch from Dr. Jordan Shlain

March 10 /  Important Doctor Insights + Checking In