"Her active and intimate experience in the world of digital technology informs the argument that she makes so convincingly in the pages of 24/6. What started out as an tool of communication and connection is now something much different and much more dangerous."

“The premise of Shlain’s book is that Tech Shabbat is not a divine commandment but a coping mechanism for mortals whose lives have been overwhelmed by technology, which both ‘amplifies’ but also ‘amputates’ our experiences.”

“For me, the most sobering line in 24/6 is Shlain’s observation that ‘[a] person has an average of thirty thousand days on this earth.’ Tech Shabbat is an opportunity reclaim one-seventh of the days that are left to us, whether we use them for study, prayer, rest or, as Shlain puts it, ‘the space to think about how you want to live your life.’”

— JONATHAN KIRSCHThe Jewish Journal