Making of a Mensch travels back in history to look at ideas around developing one’s character through the lens of the ancient Jewish teachings of Mussar.

Brain Power uncovers the parallels between a child’s brain development and the development of the global brain of Internet, and the best ways to shape both.

Engage asks people around the world to put their hand on their heart and think about how they want to live.

A Declaration of Interdependence is a rewriting of the Declaration of Independence to be a global Declaration of Interdependence. Music by Moby.

Facing the Future / The Friendship is a parody film about Facebook. 

Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” lampoons the addictions of our generation.

The Tribe is an unorthodox, unauthorized history of the Barbie doll and the Jewish people. By tracing the Barbie doll’s history, film asks: What does it mean to be an American Jew today? What does it mean to be a member of any tribe in the twenty- first century? 

The Future Starts Here Series, an Emmy-nominated series, explores what it means to be human in our increasingly connected world. Episodes relevant to the topics in this book are listed below:

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Films by the Author that Explore Issues in 24/6

New 5 min Video on Lessons to Bring from 2020 into 2021

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Winner of 17 awards including Grand Jury Prizes and audience awards, Connected is a Sundance feature documentary that delves into Shlain’s love/hate relationship with technology and serves as the springboard for an exploration of modern life...and our interconnected future. (80 mins)

Dear Human - premiering at MoMA February 2020

Dear Human a new live cinematic essay performance takes the audience on a journey across the past, present, and future of the relationship between humanity and technology. Incorporating live narration, moving images, original animations, an evocative soundscape, and audience participation, Dear Human invites the audience to investigate how technology both amplifies and amputates our humanity and how to make sure we stay human in our 24/7 world.

Dear Human + 24_6 Postcard - MoMA Sundan

30,000 Days explores the three-thousand-year history of humans wrestling with the question of how to live life with meaning and purpose. 

The Adaptable Mind underscores the importance of skills we need to thrive in the twenty-first century, like curiosity, creativity, taking initiative, multidisciplinary thinking, and empathy.
















Unstoppable is about building a world, especially now when our rights are on the line, where each person has the freedom and ability to control their own body and lives. Rereleased and dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Making of a Mensch