It has been a literary whirlwind with twenty events in the past two months. It’s felt like I was on fast-forward, pressing the pause button during my weekly Tech Shabbats or  while connecting with someone at a book signing, stopping to appreciate a note from a reader, seeing the beautiful combination of friends, family and new people in an audience -- all that love in once place, like a wedding.


My next stops on the book tour will be in DC, Boston, and Chicago. Full list of events here.


I’ve highlighted my favorite moments here to put my finger on the fast moving blur.

From an out-of-the-blue New York Times article on the book from my favorite columnist David Leonhardt . . .

 to going on the Today show which felt full circle in so many ways. When I was running the Webby Awards many moons ago, I was the regular on-air internet expert for Good Morning America, going on monthly to talk with Diane Sawyer or Charlie Gibson about this powerful new medium that was going to change our lives. To be on the the Today show twenty years later to say, “Don’t forget how to live without the web to remember our humanity without screens,” was a XX for sure.

There was pure joy after the very long journey or writing and editing and launching a book to seeing a row of my books in my publisher Simon & Schuster’s display case.

The first time I signed a stack of books . .

There were amazing launch events at the 92nd St. Y in NYC with Debbie Millman, the Exploratorium in SF, and Toronto’s Indigo Books which selected 24/6 as one of their top 10 books of 2019. To have my name on a list with Margaret Atwood was a thrill.

Book Passage, The Kidney Foundation Author’s Luncheon in front of XXX people. My sister and brother in law Kimberly & Albert Brooks and The Aspen Institute hosting a wonderful event in LA. Rabbi Sydney Mintz including Tech Shabbats in her sermon for Rosh Hashana, Ken, Odessa, and  Blooma on stage for WIRED magazine’s event at the Commonwealth Club and so many below.