Written two months into the book launch...

It's been a literary whirlwind with the release of my book 24/6 in fall 2019. It’s felt like I was on fast-forward, except during my weekly Tech Shabbats with my family or while connecting with someone at a book signing, stopping to appreciate a note from a reader, seeing the beautiful different combination of friends, family and new people in an audienceall in once place, like a moveable wedding.  

I was over the moon to be in The New York Times  for my book in an article about the relationship between Thanksgiving and Tech Shabbats as well as last month. 24/6 is featured in The Harvard Business Review, People Magazine, Indigo Books list of the Top 10 books of 2019 (it was thrilling to have my book along side Margret Atwood), and #1 Tech Book to Read in 2020 by The Book Authority. On MSNBC's Morning Joe tomorrow morning to talk about the effects of 24/7 newscycle on our psych and our democracy.


It's a dream to have the book that I poured so many ideas into about time, technology, philosophy, history, neuroscience, our relationship to the online world, as well as how to bring in this weekly one day off of screens into your lives, be received this way. 


Thank you to all of you who has given me so much support on my whole journey! 

Being on the Today Show felt full circle in so many ways. When I was running the Webby Awards many moons ago, I was the regular on-air internet expert for Good Morning America, going on monthly to talk with Diane Sawyer or Charlie Gibson about this powerful new medium that was going to change our lives. It is quite ironic to be on the the Today Show twenty years later to say, “Don’t forget how to live without the web to remember our humanity without screens."

There was pure joy after the very long journey or writing and editing and launching a book to seeing a row of my books in my publisher Simon & Schuster’s display case.









We've had three events where people got to hear from Ken, Odessa and Blooma on their perspectivecs. Always love how they express why they love Tech Shabbat.


My fantastic publishing team (from L Wendy Sherma, Salley Marvin, Karyn Marcu, Jean Anne Rose and Kathleen Carter) with the illustrious Debbie Millman backstage before she interviews me for the 92nd St. Y.

Indigo Books + Canada

To have Indigo Books CEO and Founder Heather Reisman select 24/6 as one of her picks was so exciting. I loved going to Toronto and meeting so many fantastic people. I love Canada.

My sister Kimberly Brooks threw a lovely gathering with my brother-in-law Albert & The Aspen Institute in LA.


A full list of upcoming events here.


Follow the book adventure on Twitter Instagram. We have a great Facebook Group (ironic I know) started for people trying Tech Shabbats called 24/6 Living


To unplugging and looking up!