Tiffany's non-profit, Let it Ripple Film Studio, in San Francisco hosts a global day exploring the neuroscience and social science of one's character developmentstrengths like empathy, curiosity, courage, social responsibility and perspective. This year, with the release of her book 24/6, Character Day focused on the relationship to one's character and screen use. These weekly challenges lead up to trying a Tech Shabbat. Some people want to go all in and try a Tech Shabbat while others want to build up to it. Here are the weekly challenges for you to gradually create more space without your phone...

Take the challenge!

Week 1: Take Back Your Time

Try not using your phone for 30 mins when you wake up, 30 mins before bed, and meals. 30 mins feel like too much? Start with 15.

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Week 2: Reclaim Joy

Put away your phone for 30 mins each day, and do something you enjoy.


Week 3: Cultivating Character Online

Before you click, post, or even turn on a screen, pause for 10 seconds and think, how can I do this with character?


Week 4: Tech Shabbat

Unplug for 24 hours this weekend!


Week 5: The Power of Ritual

Take a Tech Shabbat this weekend and create (or celebrate, or bring back) a ritual. 


Week 6: Being OK Without Your Phone

Identify you barriers.

Identify your benefits. 


Week 7: Imagine Your Future Self

Imagine your life in 5 years without changing phone habits. 

Imagine your life in 5 years with #TechLifeBalance.